I'm trying to add maxed teen jobs to my playtest sim (for CAS access to uniforms and any other unlocks that come with them) but can't figure out the cheat for Retail or Barista. careers.promote baby works for Babysitting.


Teens are only able to work part-time jobs; they cannot be employed in full-time jobs. Work schedules for teen Sims are set so that they do not interfere with their school schedule. Teens who participate in afterschool activities [TS3:G] are not able to get a part-time job that starts between 3 PM and 5 PM. They may only work as a Mausoleum Clerk. A list of part-time jobs in The Sims 3 are given below: Bookstore Clerk [edit | edit source]

Flickkläder. Damkläder. Klädstilar elliesimple - adidas collection part 1 adidas crop hoodie: • original mesh Females teen to elder. >Download Join my Patreon to support my work and have special gifts! This took me more time than expected, omg, but it turned out as I wanted!

Sims 3 teenage part time jobs

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“The first [tip] is to manage expectations by ensuring each employer is fully … Zerbu's Ultimate Career Mod. The Sims 3 Ultimate Career Mod Spotlight. This is an amazing mod. … 2019-06-22 MC Command Center. Possibly the most popular Sims 4 mod, MC command Center appears in … 1,046 Part Time jobs available in Dublin on Indeed.com, updated hourly.

Sims 4 has the best career paths of all the Sims games. It’s one of those things that EA has truly perfected throughout the years, and the many modern careers are a big draw for this newest installment. However you can never really have enough careers in a Sims game.

2012-08-15 2020-02-29 Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Rules. Adopted sims are now allowed to be part of the bloodline.
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Sims 3 teenage part time jobs

Reach the Top of Part-time Job. Qu How to Live As a Teenager on Your Own in the Sims 3. the other obviously will be the teenager (note that this doesn't work with Sim children as they Turn on " testingcheatsenabled true" and shift+click the Sim, then c Teen/Elder Jobs[edit] · Level 1 - Dishwasher[edit] · Level 2 - Drive Through Clerk[ edit] · Level 3 - Fast Food Shift Manager[edit].

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The benefit of those one time jobs is that your Sim can at the same time be a member of any afterschool activity, and can earn additional money whenever want. The best jobs, imo, are probably the Manual Laborer (only on weekends but doesn't completely take away free time like other jobs) and Retail Employee (on weekdays and is later in the night so teens can do homework/recover before going to work). If you can get your teen used to getting up at 3 am for the Barista job, go for it. For The Sims 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Part-time jobs".