submitted by Professional_Being_5 to meme [link] [comments] Individuals from deznat distributed this flyer around BYU this week. I'm so sick of this type of 


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Istilah tersebut banyak dipakai menjadi tagar nasionalis kulit putih alt-right. Thread by @prettydeadlady: "This the last tweet I’m going to engage with specific things. I’ll still call out hateful individuals, but really y’all are homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, racist individu […]" #deznat #callthemout #misogyny #transphobia ‎In 2018, John Paul Bellum came up with a Twitter hashtag, #DezNat, which stands for Deseret Nation, to help like-minded conservatives within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints find one another on social media. Bellum said he was hoping to rally members willing to defend the faith, its… Thread by @TYLTK: #DezNat Drama Meme Dump No One Asked For Remove Kebab is a phrase that originated in the online community surrounding a Serb nationalist and anti-Bosniak propaganda music video from the Yugoslav Wars.

Deznat memes

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Istilah tersebut banyak dipakai menjadi tagar nasionalis kulit putih alt-right . Thread by @JAEbberts: "I started using Twitter in 2012 as a huge Mitt Romney fan. (I know, I'm sorry) I had ~2500 followers and was quite engs of politics. That carried on through the Obama years During the course of that tim […]" #Twitterstake #DezNat Bellum said he was hoping to rally members willing to defend the faith, its leaders, its history, its doctrines and especially its teachings on the family — all of which he saw as under attack online. Since then, #DezNat has been used in hundreds of thousands of tweets, including some with memes threatening violence toward perceived critics.

To better understand what DezNat is, it helps to know first what it isn’t. It is not, strictly speaking, an alt-right political group. It is not a club for disenchanted Latter-day Saint Republicans. It is not a haven for Donald Trump loyalists. It is not necessarily a refuge for white nationalists, anti-maskers or anti-vaxxers — […]

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Well, Deznat often posts memes and there’s plenty of trolling, though the trolling I see is liberals pretending to be conservatives or saying hateful things about conservatives. But Daily Beast set the narrative and then liberals ran with it, so now it’s considered a racist hashtag.

Deznat memes

The newfags are the DezNat on the left of the bell curve. But no one in DezNat actually thinks that's them. This thus serves to move newbies and DezNat initiates to the right side of the bell curve.
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Deznat memes

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Maybe horseshoe theory explains it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The Bowie knife became a symbol of #DezNat.
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4)#DezNat people create mean-spirited memes. 5)#DezNat people sometimes go overboard and use some of the same tactics as the anti-Mormons they dislike. This is a post that offers people the opportunity to either 1)defend #DezNat or 2)point out specific examples of bad behavior.

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